Noxious Weed Control

Wasatch County enforces Noxious Weed Control on all property owners, under the Utah Noxious Weed Act. Under this Act, Wasatch County may enforce control measures at your expense. Unpaid expenses can constitute a lien on your property, or may be collectible by taxes.

Relevant documents can be found by following these links:

General Notice to Control Noxious Weeds

Wasatch County Authority and Enforcement of Noxious Weed Management Plan

The Deer Mountain HOA takes care of the common and open spaces in the community, but all private property owners are required to eliminate all Declared Noxious Weeds. The Deer Mountain HOA will assist you in this process each year by sending reminders of the upcoming deadlines for weed removal; usually June 1st as noted in the Architectural Guidelines Section X3 and the Prohibited Acts Resolutions. Note however, that this date can be delayed to take into account weather conditions.

The documents referenced above can be found on this website by following these links:

Architectural Guidelines

Violations, Fines and Suspended Voting Rights

Attachment to Prohibited Acts

If you have a vacant lot and cannot do the spraying yourself, please arrange with a landscape contractor to spray your property.

After the deadline for weed removal, the HOA will inspect all lots to determine compliance. The CC&Rs, section 6.1, allow the HOA to have a representative enter lots for this purpose. It is not the desire of the HOA to do this, but the HOA needs to insure the control of Declared Noxious Weeds for the protection of the community and the wider environment.

The HOA will attempt to contact all property owners who still have Declared Noxious Weeds on their property after the deadline, but it is not always possible in every case. If the weeds are not controlled, regulations allow the HOA to contract to have them sprayed by a licensed contractor, at your expense.

The following are landscape contractors that have worked in the Deer Mountain Community. Unfortunately, The Deer Mountain Board cannot make recommendations:

High Country Lawn Care and Snow: 801-755-3123

Sunny Day Landscaping: 801-472-4218

For a color guide to all the Utah and Wasatch County Declared Noxious Weeds, click here

For a noxious weed field guide, please see the below: